The reasons

I'm an Astronomy Enthusiast. And of course have made my researches about that.

The first of course was about a basic Astronomy course.

In that field I was looking for:

Since I have no success on finding that course, I decided to create one.

How the course works?

Following the pages of the Table Of Contents, in the suggested order, you will be presented to the basic Astronomy aspects.

It is far from being your last experience on Astronomy. Just the opposite. Here you can find some basic concepts and knowledge you need to get a good start.


I have made my best to insert only valid information here.

There are a great amount of sources you can get the same information elsewehere.

So, I make no guarantees about the accuracy of the information availlable here!

Use it on Your own risk.

My personal Goal

I hope this initiative could be useful for other Astronomy Enthusiats (just like myself), on making the first step into this field.

Enjoy it!